Mike hails from Johannesburg in South Africa, and now resides in Liverpool. He has had work published around the world and has worked on productions that have had international accolade.

He specialises in making ideas come to life and being a passionate force behind any creative project, using his wide variety of skills to ensure the project comes to life.



Mike Brits was great to work with because he listens to the artists ideas, and helps bring that idea to life. It’s not just a “pay me and I’ll shoot” situation. He isn’t scared to tell you what he really thinks and make suggestions/criticisms to improve the final product. With my band “Asskicking Slaptones” Mike was able to take the idea straight out of my head and slap it onto a piece of paper.

– Phil McLean from Asskicking Slaptones

Working with Mike was a brilliant experience for Soul in One! Accommodating a large band is bad enough, but with 9 big personalities all in one room, we think Mike did an awesome job. We were so happy with the outcome of our photoshoot and feel the essence of the band was really captured with the shots that Mike created and shot. All in all, we’ll definitely be coming back for more!

– SiO

The Hummingbirds first started to work with Mike in August 2011 and instantly hit it off together. Since then he has been a great addition to the band almost like a 6th member, working with us closely on all design/photo work as well as website and online presence (even recorded on our new EP!). Mike is a vital member to the team and we have had the pleasure of working with him for over 6 months now.

– The Hummingbirds

Mike Brits was fun to work with from the start. Right from your first meeting were he’ll blow you away with his imaginative ideas, to the shoot where he’ll impress you with his control of lighting and composition. If you are looking for a photographer who’ll take some chances and try to give your pictures a unique touch, Mike could certainly be your guy!

– Wet Mouth

Above everything Mike Brits is professional! He was easy to chat to about ideas and the designs he came up with were exactly what we needed. I love what he created and the response has been incredible. Happy times!

– Dolly Williams

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