Tinker Tox

August 7, 2014

Today we find ourselves quite glued,
To the story presented on the tube,
On that speaks of discovery,
Of one that wasn’t but wanted to be.

Our current position, quite far away,
Is quite close to home some might say,
In that we all know that it’s all there,
But in it’s contents we quite are unaware.
So where might you ask is our story set?
Why right here, on the Internet.

You see, we double click and buffer away,
But who are the ones that make it that way?
Who bring the pixels to our screens?
And who recite the materials for lurid dreams?
The internet bots, yes thats their name,
And each have their purpose without seeking fame.

There are bots for your Google, that do all your thinking,
There are bots for bitly that do all your shrinking,
There are bots for youtube that tireless stream,
And bots 9gag pushing each new meme.

Yes there are bots for every page,
And many before that final stage,
Ones that add the http,
and others that double check the IP.

But our story today, one that I hope sticks,
Is of a bot who counted the double clicks.
This perhaps is not quite out the box,
But lets give it up for Tinker Tox.